Coming to life through Industrial Design trials

Instabeat was created with all swimmers in mind. Our goal is to make a product that seamlessly fits everyone and gives accurate data.

Prototype and goggle testing in the pool

Having such a diverse pool of swimmers is a blessing and also a huge challenge for our design team: as you know (and we’ve learned the hard way from our first generation design) people come in different head shapes and sizes, and so do goggles! If you combine those together you get an infinite number of variables that can affect the fitting. The challenge is big but we at Instabeat are determined to get to a universal fit.

We are currently on our 10th iteration of the second generation design. We went through 3 different major design directions until we picked the one that looked the most promising and started iterating on it. Through 3-D printing we are able to quickly make changes and test the next version in the pool for fit. The testing is rigorous, involves a lot of flip turns and pushing off the wall. The 3-D models are constantly being repaired on the fly and modified on the pool deck with potential changes for the next print. We learn something new every time we test and we are always testing on more people and more goggles.

We are very very close. With over 30 different test sessions on the latest iteration in the last 2 weeks, we are feeling more and more confident every day.

With all the test mileage in the pool we could have completed 3.5 x Ironman’s swimming portion.

Trying out prototypes on goggles
Reshaping prototypes in the office










If you are in Beirut or San Francisco please fill this questionnaire to be selected as a swim test panelist in the coming months, we need more people to test! We can guarantee a good time 🙂

Stay tuned for more updates.

Instantly Yours,

Team Instabeat

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