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  • Who can use Instabeat?

    Any swimmer! Instabeat is designed for committed swimmers who wants to go further in their training. Our swimmers all have different stories:
    - Fitness swimmers looking for increased motivation
    - Triathletes looking to improve their swimming time
    - Self-competitive/passionate swimmers looking to track their workouts
    - Competitive swimmers looking to deep dive into their interval analysis

  • What are the benefits of swimming with Instabeat?

    Some of the key benefits our swimmers - some of whom are Olympic swimmers and Ironman triathletes - have reported are:
    - Improved performance
    - Increased motivation
    - Better recovery
    - Previously unknown insights on their drills

  • What is the difference between Instabeat and a wrist-based swimming monitor?

    We have intentionally designed Instabeat to mount on your goggles, as it has multiple advantages for an enhanced swimming experience over any other form factor:

    - Real-time continuous visual feedback: Swimmer cannot look at their wrists mid-lap, Instabeat is the only product that can provide continuous feedback while you swim to optimize your workout.

    - Higher accuracy: Our sensors are located at the right side of your goggles, which don't move during your workout. This ensures a better sensor reading and a higher accuracy.

    - Better comfort, and one less accessory to wear in the pool! Technically, it is an extra one, however the tight fit with your goggles makes it feel inexistent, and does not add any drag.

  • What are your top recommended goggles to use with Instabeat?

    We worked with human factors expert and tested our design on hundreds of swimmers for Instabeat to seamlessly fit most goggles. Every head size and shape is very different, in addition to goggles being different. The fitting is a really personal experience, and we recommend trying your own goggles first.

    Below are the goggles that have the best success rate:

    Low Profile goggles:
    - Speedo Vanquisher (highest success rate)
    - Michael Phelps Xceed
    - TYR Velocity

    High Profile goggles:
    - Speedo Biofuse
    - Arena imax
    - TYR Nest Nano

    Instabeat is not compatible with:
    - Masks
    - Diamond-shaped (or non-oval shaped) lenses
    - Swedish goggles have a 50% success rate

  • What features do I see in real-time while swimming?

    During your swim, Instabeat shows you a color representing your heart rate training zone. You can customize the zones on your mobile app dashboard to have a completely personalized experience.
    - Blue for the fat burning zone (55-75% of your maximum heart rate)
    - Green for fitness (75-85% of your maximum heart rate)
    - Red for maximum performance (85%+ of your maximum heart rate)

  • What features do I see on the mobile app dashboard?

    After your workout, you can wirelessly sync your data to see detailed analytics of your swim.

    Summary view:
    - Total distance
    - Total number of laps
    - Swim duration
    - Total heart beats

    Detailed analysis view:
    - Heart rate curve, 1 data point per second
    - Stroke type for each lap
    - Laps overlayed on the heart rate curve
    - Zoom and selector for interval analysis
    - Lap times

  • Which phones is Instabeat compatible with?

    Instabeat is compatible with iPhones 5 and newer and Android phones 4.3 and newer that support Bluetooth Low Energy (excluding Huawei phones).

  • Is Instabeat's design hydro-dynamic?

    Instabeat was designed to be efficient in the water:
    - It weighs 27grams, it is lighter than the lightest goggles
    - It is thin, so it doesn't create any water turbulence
    - It is flat and sits tight against your head, to ensure maximum sensor accuracy

  • Will Instabeat mount on my goggles?

    Instabeat is compatible with most goggles on the market, all lens colors, single or double straps.
    Keep in mind every head shape is a little different, we recommend you try Instabeat with your own goggles first. Below are the goggles with the best success rate in our testing:

    Low Profile goggles:
    - Speedo Vanquisher (highest success rate)
    - Michael Phelps Xceed
    - TYR Velocity

    High Profile goggles:
    - Speedo Biofuse
    - Arena imax
    - TYR Nest Nano

    Instabeat is not compatible with the following:
    - Masks
    - Diamond-shaped (or non-oval shaped) lenses
    - Swedish goggles (50% success rate)

  • Can I use Instabeat in salt water?

    Yes! Instabeat was designed to work in all bodies of water, including salt, ozone and chlorine.

  • Does Instabeat work for open water swimming?

    Instabeat will measure your heart rate in open water swims and show real-time training zone feedback. We recommend adjusting the light brightness on the app for sunny/dark environments.
    Instabeat does not measure the distance or the strokes for open water swims. When you sync your workout on the mobile app, you will be able to input the distance manually, and see your detailed heart rate curve.

  • Do you ship worldwide?

    We currently can only ship to US addresses through our website.

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