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Instabeat is the first smart add-on to your swimming goggles that provides real-time visual feedback of training zones while you swim.

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Operating System

Instabeat is the first smart add-on to your swimming goggles that provides real-time visual feedback of training zones while you swim.

The mobile app dashboard displays detailed workout analytics, including your heart rate curve, distance, lap count, strokes recognition, and interval analysis.

Instabeat gives you a holistic view on your practice to champion your inner power to keep going, get better, or win. Some key benefits of using Instabeat in your training:

- Improved performance: Use real-time training zone feedback to dial-in effort and rest for a more effective swim

- Increased motivation: Let the light speak to your mind

- Better recovery: Wait for the blue before starting your new set

- In-depth previously unknown insights: Analyze drills

- Mindful swimming: Increased connection between body and mind

Have your best swim, every swim with real-time training zone feedback, automatic laps and strokes recognition, analysis on the app and more.


Optical heart rate sensor powered by PHILIPS

3-axis accelerometer

3-axis gyroscope

3-axis magnetometer

Blue, Green, Red lights customizable on your mobile app

0-100% light brightness customizable on your app

10 hours memory storage of detailed heart rate and motion data (3 second interval)

BLE 4.2 for ultra-fast wireless session sync with your mobile app


5 hours + rechargeable LiPo battery (your battery life is related to your light brightness)

1 hour charge time (0-100%)

Custom charging cable


iPhone 5S or later only

Android coming soon


Optical heart rate sensor powered by PHILIPS

Weight: 27 grams (lighter than goggles!)

Thickness: 6mm (lower profile than your goggle lens)

30 meters waterproof