vince instabeat in the sea

Instabeat with a 2 mile open ocean swim!

A couple of weeks ago, I tried using the Instabeat in the ocean. The weather has been warm and the ocean temperature is as warm as it is going to get in Santa Cruz. After work I got to the beach just in time for a longer swim.

I checked out the conditions - surf and current - and they both looked good. I put on my wet suit and I decided to try different pairs of goggles with the Instabeat device.

As I was about to get in the water, I noticed a couple nearby. I asked them if they would take a photo of me with their phone. They did not seem to get the excitement I had with wearing the Instabeat and I could not convince them to take a picture of me. Since I was just about to get in the ocean, I did not have my phone with me. Next time maybe.

I had a good swim. I swam for about 55 minutes  between 5 and 6 PM. I had a pair of goggles on that has a tint to it so that the sunlight would not bother me. I was curious to see how visible the Instabeat LEDs would be in the natural sunlight. The LEDs were easy to see and, in fact, easier than at the pool I swim at in the mornings!

At the farthest part from the shore, approximately 1/2 of a mile, the swells are a little higher. I had no issues with my goggles leaking. Even as the swells were pushing me around in the water. Very nice.

A good swim all around!

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